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Filtering scripts by folders

Question asked by scottworld on Jul 28, 2015
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Filtering scripts by folders


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I've reported this before, but I have a new screenshot to go along with it, plus a brand new suggestion to make this EVEN BETTER. We have literally hundreds upon hundreds of scripts in our FileMaker solutions, so we depend heavily on the ability to organize our scripts into folders in order to keep sane & quickly navigate our way through our scripts. In FileMaker 13, we had the ability to filter the script list by folder. But this ability was removed in FileMaker 14. Not only can we no longer choose from a drop-down menu of folders, but we can't even type the name of a specific folder either! Please see attached screenshot of how long our folder list is... this list actually goes on for 25 more pages than what you can see in this screenshot. We have over 500 scripts in this particular solution. This shows how absolutely important & mission critical it is for this feature to be brought back to FileMaker 14. We have had this feature in every previous version of FileMaker Pro -- there is no reason that this should have been removed from FileMaker 14. However, one thing that you CAN'T tell from the folder list is: which folders are main folders and which are subfolders?? When bringing this feature back to FileMaker 14, it would be great to have the subfolders INDENTED, to make it EVEN EASIER to navigate through this list.