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Find (script) fails sometimes, if against an "unstored" calculated field

Question asked by RichardKrueger on May 27, 2015
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Find (script) fails sometimes, if against an "unstored" calculated field


FileMaker Server


FM Server 10, 11, 12

Operating system version

Mac G5 and Windows 2008R2

Description of the issue

Find (from run in a script) that queries against an unstored calculated field will fail periodically. (fail = yields no results)

This has been a problem for a while, and up to last week a server reboot would fix it. However, as of last week, a reboot no longer works. Some of the tables that these "Finds" are going against, are quite large (hundreds of thousands to millions of recs).

Oh yeah, once it fails for 1 script ... It fails for all "subsequent scripts" (any script that is run after that point in time, does not have to be related ... no matter who runs them and where they run, server, client etc).

Steps to reproduce the problem

I am just going to go over 1 script that is starting to cause us some pain. It runs on the Server every night.

here is the mocked code from the aforementioned script ...
Enter Find Mode[]
Set Field [JOB_INVADJ_Header::PostStamp; "="]
Set Field [JOB_INVADJ_Header::forJob; 1]
Set Field [JOB_INVADJ_Header::csTotalLines; ">0"]
Perform Find[]

here is the relevant field from the DataBase ... the csTotalLines field look like ...

csTotalLines   calculation   Unstored, from INVADJ_Header, = GetSummary ( INVADJ_Line::sLineCount ; INVADJ_Line::sLineCount )

Expected result

For it to work.

Actual result

Returns no results from Find.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No message.


Reboot Server when it goes into this state. But now this does not work either.