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    find bug



      find bug

      Description of the issue

      when using the "zero or more characters" operator or "match Phrase (from anywhere)" the expected result would be to find all occurrences.  But in FM 10 v1 it is not finding occurrences that are at the start of the field (zero characters in front) ie *b finds "jacob" but not "ben" 

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          OK I found the issue


          must use *b*


          This inconsistent  as b finds all that start with b no matter what comes after ie b = b*

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            This seems consistent to me.


            b* means "find all entries with b as the first letter and zero or more following letters. Thus b = b*

            *b means "find all entries where the last letter is b and there are zero or more leading letters. Thus *b = jacob, *b = b, but *b <> ben.


            *b* means find all entries with a b at any position in the field.