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Find Duplicates (!) matches by duplicate paragraphs

Question asked by philmodjunk on Dec 15, 2010
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Find Duplicates (!) matches by duplicate paragraphs


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac and Windows

Description of the issue

Entering a ! into the text field of a find request finds records where a single paragraph matches a single paragraph of another record even though preceding text in the fields are completely different.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Say you have two records with the following text fields:

This is the first paragraph of the first record


This is the first paragraph of the second record


Enter find mode and put ! in this field. Perform the find. Both records are found as duplicates due to the fact that the second paragraph in the fields are "abc".

Expected result

Since FileMaker help states that using this operator on a text field "matches by the first 100 characters", that no duplicates would be found.

Actual result

Records are found as duplicates, even though they aren't.


After performing a find, sort and compare adjacent records, omitting those that are actually unique, or edit the text to remove the carriage returns separating the text into paragraphs. (Or I suppose you could perform the search on a calculation field that strips out the returns.)