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    find in multiple box checked field doesn't work



      find in multiple box checked field doesn't work


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X Snow Leopard

      Description of the issue

      find on field with box selections yields no results.  Inspector shows that find is checked, also quick find.  Older database versions work.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Enter find.  Select one box, ex. box #1.  Find yields no results even though there are numerous records with box checked.

      Expected result

      Subset of records with checked box.

      Actual result

      Message -- no records match this find criteria

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no records match this find criteria


      Create a single check box field ("print" check box).  Manually set it for each record that has box checked in multiple box field.  Then do find.  This is ridiculous!


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          Jacqueline Stewart:

          Thank you for your post.

          When you click on a Checkbox value, that value is stored in a field.  Since the values are "#1", "#2" and "#3", searching on these can be difficult as the "#" symbol represents a wildcard character for a digit in a text field.  For example, if you search for #1, it will display 21, 31, 41, but not 1.  Instead, use a backslash to find the literal value #1.  That is, enter:  \#1

          ... to find all entries of #1.

          Since you are probably using this layout to perform the find by just entering a checkmark in the field, it will use the # as a wildcard character.  In the future, you may want to omit special characters in a value list.  For a list of special characters, see pages 33-34 of the FileMaker Pro User's Guide at:


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