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    Find mode bug?



      Find mode bug?

      Description of the issue

      Am using FM10 with Os10.4.11 I've noticed that when I run a script to do a find & sort into a list report the following happens:  You get to the list but the little bar on the status bar that notes Layout...  view as.... preview buttong [in browse mode]  includes part of the find mode options... Matching records [include/omit]  Insert:  Operators. and I loose the Preview button. I've added "enter browse mode" to the script but this does not change anything.  Is this a new feature or a bug or some kind of glitch in my script?  I've never noticed this in prior versions of Filemaker.  How do I send you a screen shot? Here is a sample script: Go to Layout [ “Report Data Dialog” (SR•real_ID) ]Perform Script [ “Create_service_window” ]Show/Hide Status Area[ Hide ]Perform Script [ “date range find” ]                  Set Error Capture [ On ]                  Enter Find Mode [ ]                 [ Pause ]                 New Record/Request                 Insert Text [ SR•real_ID::Appointment?; “meeting” ]                [ Select ]               Omit Record                 Perform Find [ ]                If [ Get ( LastError )  0 ]                 Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "There are no services for date entered. Please try again."; Buttons: “OK” ]               Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Height: 1070; Width: 1200; Top: 25; Left: 25 ]               Go to Layout [ “SR Menu” (SR•real_ID) ]                 Halt Script                 End IfEnter Browse ModeSort Records [ Specified Sort Order: SR•real_ID::Service Date; ascending ][ Restore; No dialog ]Go to Record/Request/Page[ First ]Go to Layout [ “revenue by day” (SR•real_ID) ]Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Height: 925; Width: 1120; Top: 5; Left: 5 ]Show/Hide Status Area[ Show ]Scroll Window[ End ]Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]Go to Layout [ “SR Menu” (SR•real_ID) ]Enter Browse ModeApril