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Find on Calculation Field for summary of Portal records not working

Question asked by MattMatthews on Apr 19, 2013
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Find on Calculation Field for summary of Portal records not working


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I have a calculation field that add multiple summary fields together (Amount_Due_Total + Donation_Total - Amount_Paid_Total) from a detail table (or portal).  All fields are set = Number.  The calculation field on the Layout is working correctly but when I do a 'Find' where the number (or balance) is >0 I don't get correct results;  It brings back records that are less than or equal 0.  All the fields are set to not evaluate if empty and none of the summary fields are 'running totals'.  I have tried to evaluate the data for rounding issues but don't see any.  Is this a bug or is there another way to define the field to work correctly with a Find?

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Note: this file is basically an invoicing solution with an invoice header and then invoice lines and I'm trying to find all the invoices with a balance (total on the invoice lines with a balance due) so I can send collection letters.


I'm thinking if writing a script to set a field in the Header table equal to the balance of the sum of detail lines table but then I would have to run this script often so this is not the desired solution.