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Find results "?" in ALL fields

Question asked by MelindaCorey on Jun 6, 2012
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Find results "?" in ALL fields


FileMaker Pro


Pro Advanced 11

Operating system version

Mac OS X

Description of the issue

When I run a find for a specific contract number, a "?" appears in all fields.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Log in
Enter find mode
Input search criteria (in this case a number in one field)

Expected result

All records (where search criteria is found) are displayed

Actual result

ALL fields in layout contains a "?"

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear.

Configuration information

A complete shut down, restart, log-in aren't helping.  I believe the records are being found (the number of anticipated records appear), but the fields are not displaying the information.  This is true for all fields (text, calculation, etc)


No workarounds