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Find Script in FileMaker Go Kiosk Mode File shows FM Go Title Bar

Question asked by databuzz on Apr 25, 2014
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Find Script in FileMaker Go Kiosk Mode File shows FM Go Title Bar


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7.1.1

Description of the issue

I have a file that is deployed as a kiosk mode file (using FileMaker Pro Advanced v13.0.3 to create the kiosk mode file) to an iPhone 5S.

I have a button that performs a search for records that the user has flagged (favourites). If there are no favourites/records found (error 401) it shows an appropriate dialog box.

However it also shows the FileMaker Go title bar at the top that has previously until now been hidden. If I rotate the device to force a screen refresh the title bar then disappears again, but clicking the button to do a Find when there are no records found will once again expose the FileMaker Go title bar, allow users to go to the Home screen and access the FileMaker Go settings.

We are using Kiosk mode to prevent users from having access to the standard FileMaker Go screens and settings/options.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. create FileMaker Pro v13 file with a button that performs a find which will return no records found
2. use FileMaker Pro Advanced to enable kiosk mode
3. distribute kiosk mode file to FileMaker Go on iPhone 5
4. open file, all toolbars/title bars remain hidden and user cannot access FileMaker Go settings/home screen
5. click button to perform find, FileMaker Title bar across the top of the screen appears and enables user to click the home screen button in top left corner and settings button in top right corner

Expected result

FileMaker Go Title bar remains hidden at all times

Actual result

FileMaker Go Title bar appears when users clicks button that performs a Find with no records found (error 401).

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

N/A - see screenshot below


I can share a file privately that demonstrates this issue