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Find with user input values

Question asked by mik228 on Dec 20, 2011
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Find with user input values


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I am just confused by one find method which I am waiting and searching for long time

Let me tell you one criteria.

There are 10000 of records with Id and name and client code client name in this some records are new of this year and some of past 10 years back.

Now  I want to find  some records in this full database of records based on input value  that is
Like I want to give  two options  like Id and Client code based on that search query must go on and result must show based on this user input value

2) The above  is for 1 user if there is more than one user  like range of user from 1-10 and client code is same  ( both option is like on user input value)
Then the result must be on user given input value

Please can you help me and give me any script example for this I will manage to put it in my own database using this method.