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Find/Replace produces blank dialog when data loaded from file does not match field requirements

Question asked by nspies on Jun 21, 2013
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Find/Replace produces blank dialog when data loaded from file does not match field requirements


FileMaker Pro


12 Advanced V12.04v

Operating system version

OS X 10.9(13A476u)

Description of the issue

Whilst doing a Find/Replace operation to remove a symbol representing null data (i.e. leaving such fields empty) a modal dialog _without message text_ but with 'Revert Data', 'No' and 'Yes' buttons can be produced if a field defined a needing data results in having no data due to the Find/Replace.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Define a file with some fields required to have data and others do not. Devise a tab-delimited text file with some fields containing a text symbol to represent null data and place this symbol in both required-data and non-required-data fields.

Use Find/Replace to produce the empty null data fields from the symbol used to represent null in the data file.

Expected result

The Find/Replace operation to remove the symbol representing null data is removed, and the data resides within the database without problem, meeting the definitions of each field. (This happened with 11 out of 12 files in my case.)

Actual result

If the result of such a Find/Replace operation produces a null field that requires data, it complains, as it should.

However, the modal dialog it puts up should have descriptive text to permit a rational choice of actions from the three choices available.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

[See screen shot]

Configuration information

The original, untouched data file was defective in that there was null data despite the fact that the field was defined as having to have data.


I put a space in place of the null data, and used Find/Replace to put null data where it belonged in the rest of the table.