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    finding duplicate values



      finding duplicate values

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      I have Filemaker Pro v 8.0.  I have tried to use the exclamation mark (!) to find duplicate values in a particular field.  It does find many of the duplicates. However the found set always includes some unique values as well.Note, when I use the ! mark, I only use it in one field, and do not include it with other find requests. I have tried using it in a field that has text in it, and also tried it in a field which only has numbers. It fails to find all the duplicate values no  matter what type of field.Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

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          Providing more information about your database and computer system would be helpful to those reading your post. There are design elements that can fool the user into seeing what you are seeing and without knowing more about your system, we can't rule that out.


          On the other hand, issues with the file's indexes can prevent finds and other operations from functioning as expected. You could try:


          1) recover a copy of the file and see if you see the same issue in the recovered copy.

          2) save a clone (no records) and import all your data into the clone. Test this copy to see if your problem persists.


          If that fixes your problem, read up on file recovery and decide which of the above files to keep for future use. It's been a "best practices" advice for many years not to use a recovered copy of the file unless you have no alternative.