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Finds based on date fields don't work

Question asked by LizMarks on Sep 23, 2013
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Finds based on date fields don't work


FileMaker Pro


12 advanced EDU

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

When I perform a Find on a Date field I get no records.

I am concerned because this is a new copy of FileMaker and this is my second problem report and I just got it. My first problem was because I could not register the product from within Filemaker because there were no scroll bars on the registration window and I couldn't expand the window to fill all required fields.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Perform Find on Date field.

I created 2 records with dates of 2/2/2011 and one with 11/11/2011.

When I searched for 2/2/2011 no records were found and when I tried a date range of 1/1/2011...12/1/2011 no records were found.

When I used the tutorial database included with the product I could not perform the Find on a date range either.

Expected result

3 records when searching for date range.

Actual result