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Finds on client do NOT work properly on server

Question asked by datadesigner on Jan 18, 2014
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Finds on client do NOT work properly on server


FileMaker Server



Description of the issue

Finds performed in calculated fields on FMS 12.0v5 on XServe are not correct. Finds in a calculated number field of >0 return improper results. Download the same file to FMA 12.0v5 and the finds perform correctly. Put it back on the server with nothing else changed and they do not work correctly. A restart of the server seems to fix the issue temporarily.

Attach 1. Find on server (FMS 12.0v5) for Show# and BalDue > 0 with incorrect results
Attach 2. Find on server for Show# and sort BalDue descending
Attach 3. Find on same downloaded file on client (FMA 12.0v5) with correct results for Show# and BalDue > 0.
Attach 4. Forum comment about same issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Finds > 0 in calculated number field do not return all records with amounts > 0. Yes all referenced fields are number fields and Do not evaluate if empty is unchecked. All calc fields are unstored. Also tried > .000001 and same incorrect result.

Expected result

29 records

Actual result

15 records

Configuration information

The calculated field is Balance Due which equals Sum(Order Items) less Sum(Payments). Any record that has Payments and still Balance Due, is not included in the find.


Can find all records and sort descending and in those results see the correct list. But this is not a workaround. Have to view all records.