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Finds which include unstored calculation fields fail

Question asked by MichaelKirby on Aug 19, 2013
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Finds which include unstored calculation fields fail


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server 2008

Description of the issue

We have seen three issues with this over the last couple of days.  Unstored calculation fields behave as if there is no data in them when referenced by find requests either in scripts or when performing a find in Filemaker Pro.

Example one, Stock.

A script performs a find for all stock items where the quantity on hand is negative (<0) to indicate purchasing requirements.  This now returns all stock items regardless of the stock level.

Example two, Invoices.

The scripted find references a field in the invoice header which counts the number of lines on the invoice.  This now returns no results using greater than or less than/equal to operators.

Example three, Orders.

A housekeeping script references an unstored calc which counts the number of lines on an order using = to find only those orders with no lines in order to mark them as cancelled at the end of the day.  This now finds ALL active orders as if the value visible in the field is not present.

This problem is unpredictable and occurs very infrequently, the only cure we have found is to reboot the server.  We have seen this problem in previous versions of Server although I can't recall exactly when we first saw it.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Sit and wait, the problem occurs very infrequently and with no obvious warning signs.

Expected result

Finds work as normal.

Actual result

Finds return results as though the unstored calculation fields contain no data.


Reboot the Server.