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First Command-C is often a no-op

Question asked by Ward on Nov 11, 2009
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First Command-C is often a no-op

Description of the issue

Scenario on Mac OS X 10.5.8: 1. Edit a Script.2. Select an existing "Set Field" step.3. Click "Calculated result: Specify..." -- a Specify Calculation window appears, with the current calculation selected. The menu bar has these menus: File Edit Scripts Tools Window Help. 3a. (Optional) Select a portion of the text in the Specify Calculation window.  4. Press Command-C (Edit > Copy) --  the menu bar changes to: File Edit View Insert Format Records Scripts Tools Window Help." 5. Close the Specify Calculation window. 6. Open another editing window (e.g., Specify Calculation, Edit Custom Function). 7. Press Command-V (Edit > Paste) -- stale contents of the clipboard are pasted.  That is, nothing happened in step #4, i.e., the Copy is not performed and the clipboard remains unchanged. In order for step #4 to be success, Command-C must be pressed twice. To avoid having to repeat step #2 thru #7, I've tried training my FileMaker fingers to automatically press Command-C twice.  I still mess up several-to-dozens of times a day. While preparing this bug report, I discovered that using the Edit menu > Copy in place of Command-C works the first time.  That's apparently because clicking the Edit menu causes the menu bar to change before the Edit menu appears.  -- Ward [submitted as a formal Report Product Problem]