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Fixed Page Margin Problem

Question asked by WBSimon on Apr 17, 2012
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Fixed Page Margin Problem


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12 Advanced

Operating system version

Windows XP

Description of the issue

When I set the left margin at 0.75 in, 0.5 inch of the right border of the report is blank. This "blankness" does not show up on layout view and does not show up on preview.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Layout Setup » Printing » Use fixed page margins

Top  = 0.17 in
Bottom = 0.17 in
Left = 0.75 in
Right = 0.17 in

Expected result

Correct Page Margins

Actual result

Left margin is correct. Right margin is 0.75 and not 0.17

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Same result on different printers.
Same result if printed to PDFCreator
Report looks correct in preview mode.
Report is correct when "saved as PDF" via Filemaker.