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Floating Window Fails When Underlying Window Maximized

Question asked by nickega on Mar 24, 2013


Floating Window Fails When Underlying Window Maximized


FileMaker Pro


Version 12

Operating system version

Windows 8

Description of the issue

Whenever the underlying window is Maximized by either a script step or by using the upper right window control icon, any click on the Floating Window causes the screen to navigate to the Floating Window layout. That layout is now displayed in the Maximized window state

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Go to any Layout.
2) Maximize the window
3) Create a script to create a new floating window and run it.
4) FileMaker responds by displaying a smaller underlying window.(Known FileMaker/Windows issue)
6) From the underlying window, Click the Maximize icon in the upper right windows control tool
7) Click anywhere on the Floating Window
8) FileMaker responds by navigating to the Layout of the Floating Window and maximizing that window.

Expected result

I expect the Underlying window to be Maximized by a script step or by using the Windows Control Tools and still maintain the state of the Floating Window.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

There are no error messages


I have not found a workaround yet