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      FM 10 Arrange & Align Palettes are Missing

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Product(s) involved:Filemaker 10 Pro 10.0 v1 Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP SP 3Detailed description of the issue:I’ve been using the trial version of FM 10 for a couple weeks with no problems.  All of a sudden I can’t find the Arrange or Align Palettes.  I’ve click the buttons on the tool bar to show the palettes, but I can find them anywhere.   Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Clicked on the buttons on the layout tool bar to show/hide the palettes.  I’ve also tried to show/hide the palettes via the View menu. Expected Result:I expected to be able to see the palettes. Actual Result:The palettes are no longer visible. Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/A Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:N/A Any workarounds that you have found:N/A

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          Have you recently created "Custom Menus".  If you have, it could be possible you need to put these items on the menu.  I just discovered this trick when I couldn't get my formatting toolbar to show.  Whenever I would click on it(the a on the right side of the toolbar), it never showed up anywhere.  I then realized my file has "Custom Menus" and the formatting toolbar was not in my menus.  When I put the formatting toolbar back in the menu, my icon(a) starting working properly.

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            While I didn't have custom menus, I did have a startup script to hide the status bar.  When I turned that off that solved the problem.  I'll just create a show taskbar script that I can use for development. 


            Thanks for the idea!

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                 Like pmac, I have an On Open script which hides the Status Toolbar.  It also does an Allow Toolbars: Off to disable the text formatting toolbar.
              My testing on Mac OS X shows hiding the Status Toolbar has no effect on the Arrange and Align Palettes.  It's Allow Toolbars: Off that's disabling these palettes in Layout mode.
              Moderator:  Please confirm whether this is expected behavior or a bug.
              -- Ward

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                Yes, this is expected behavior.


                If Allow Toolbars is turned off, there is no reason to have the Arrange and Align Palettes.  If you still want the ability to arrange and align, then just Hide the Status Area (which hides the Toolbars).



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  Thanks, TSGal, for the speedy response to my report.


                  It seems unfortunate for Allow Toolbars to put the text Formatting Bar and the Arrange & Align Palettes into the same bucket.


                  There is at least a terminology problem here (aka usability bug).  The only "toolbar" item in the View menu is Status Toolbar.  The text formatting item is a "Bar" and the two Layout-only items are "Palette".


                  In addition, the Help for the Allow Toolbars script step mentions only the Formatting Bar.  There is no indication it affects the Arrange & Align Palettes.


                  This is all on Mac OS X 10.5.  I haven't checked FMP10 on Windows.


                  -- Ward

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                    I have reported the inconsistency to the appropriate departments along with this entire thread.  We'll either make this clearer in a future release or change it.



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                      Hi TSGal


                      I've got a bit more info to add about these inconsistencies:


                      Turning toolbars to Off in pre-10 turned off their availability in both Browse and Layout modes.  Turning toolbars to Off in 10 turns off availability of the Formatting Bar in Browse mode, but in Layout mode only turns off the availability of the Arrange & Align Palettes...  the Formatting Bar is *still available* in Layout mode (both via the View menu and via the "Aa" button in the ribbon at the bottom of the Status Toolbar).

                      It seems that incorporating the Arrange & Align Palettes into the new Status Toolbar and Formatting Bar could still use some fine tuning.  Another way to see this is by moving one of these floating palettes to the top of your screen.  A pre-10-style toolbar area pops into existence.  I would think that these palettes should be similar to and get anchored next to the slick new Formatting Bar.



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                        Joel Shapiro:


                        Thank you for your comments.  I have also forwarded attached your comments to the case.



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                          I'm having the same problem of Arrange Palette diseapearing. Aligh Palette is visible. 

                          Clicked on/off the Arrenge Palette icon on the Toolbar menu - it doesn't show up anywhere.

                          Tried using View >> Arrange Palatte, still no sign of the palette.

                          I used the Script to turn Allow Toolbar ON - still no luck.

                          Restarted the Mac, but no difference. 

                          Any advice please.


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                            Thank you for your post.

                            What version of FileMaker Pro are you using?

                            What version of Mac OS X are you using?

                            Do you have any custom menus turned on?

                            FileMaker, Inc.