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FM 10 displays "scraped" carriage return differently than FM 9

Question asked by uberfy on Jan 7, 2009
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FM 10 displays "scraped" carriage return differently than FM 9

Description of the issue

I have a database that "scrapes" data from a web site.  The section of scraped text includes a carriage return in the original source code from the web page.  Not a  but an invisible carriage return.  When the scraped text was displayed in FM 9, the carriage return was treated as a space and didn't kick the rest of the text down to the next line.  However, in FM 10 the carriage return does kick the text down to the next line as you would expect it to.  I have tried to use the typical Substitute( text; "¶";"") but this particular carriage return isn't recognized as the normal Pilcrow character.  My text editor sees it as  \r but I'm not having any luck with that either. I suppose FM 10 is doing the correct thing when it displays the carriage return, but I can't find the right character to use in the Substitute function.  I wonder if the people at FileMaker know about this difference between FM 9 and 10 and whether it is intentional or if it is a "bug".