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    FM 10 Execute SQL limitation



      FM 10 Execute SQL limitation

      Description of the issue

      It appears that the script step Execute SQL FM10 now imposes a limitation on the size of the SQL statement block permitted. FM9 & FM8 did not impose any such restriction. Does anyone no a work around or when FM is going to rectify this problem? Thanks

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          In FileMaker Pro 10 for select, delete, and other DBMS specific statement, it doesn't support statement lengths greater than 4096 characters. 


          There seems to be 2 different issues:


          First, the total query length is now limited to 4096. If you run a query which is not an INSERT or UPDATE query, then this is the limitation.


          The second case is for INSERT or UPDATE queries. If the total query length is less than 4096, then there is no problem. However, for INSERT or UPDATE queries, it is very likely that the query length will be longer, as long text data could be sent as parameters. In this specific case, we are extracting the text parameters and send them separately from the rest of query. The query without parameters is still limited to the 4096 characters lengths, parameters themselves can be as long as they want. However, we have encountered some limitations coming from the drivers, and they concern the data this time, not the query.


          I hope this information helps.



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            Hi there,

            Do you mean we can not able to do a SELECT in the ExecuteSQL?

            If able to do a SELECT sql, then how can we store the return value?

            Really appreciate for any advise.