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FM 11 / IWP printing issues

Question asked by LimeSaber on May 24, 2011


FM 11 / IWP printing issues


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

i design a layout (form view) like our voucher... in my design, i only want selected text to be printed since we have already vouchers but no details e.g. date, amount, payee, etc... I did measurements in my design so that the selected text will be printed exactly in a voucher where it is located... In a filemaker environment, details are exactly printed in voucher... But when i published it using IWP and print the design, the printed output in IWP is not exactly the same as in FileMaker environment... as what i have observed, the printed output in IWP reduces... I want the printed output of IWP exactly as in FM environment... can you pls help me in solving this issue?