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    FM 11 Advanced e-mail issues



      FM 11 Advanced e-mail issues


      FileMaker Pro


      Advanced 11.0v2

      Operating system version

      Windows XP

      Description of the issue

      When I upgraded from version 9 of FileMaker Pro Advanced, three e-mail issues began occurring that seem specific to the Advanced version and not to the regular FM 11 version installed on other users' machines. 

      In the first, when I tried to use an existing Send E-mail script step that worked in version 9, FM will no longer fill in the TO or CC e-mail addresses, but if I access the same file and script step with regular FileMaker Pro, it works.  Using Advanced, FM will fill in the subject line and message section according to the calculations I set up, so it's just the TO & CC that are left blank.  It's not a problem with GroupWise, my e-mail service, because again, if I run it using regular FM it works fine and the addresses are filled in.  This occurs not only with previous scripts set up before upgrading to version 11, but with any new scripts as well.

      A second related issue has arisen when I tried to Export Field Contents and automatically attach the file to the e-mail.  In Advanced, the attachment never attaches, but if I use regular FM it does.

      A third issue is that when the e-mail opens as part of my script, if I try to click back on FileMaker, it crashes.  If I close the e-mail or send it, it doesn't.  This never happened with version 9, so it has me stumped as to why it crashes (Filemaker has to close unexpectedly is the message).  Send e-mail is the only script step, so it's not like I'm interrupting the script.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Happens every time with FileMaker Advanced but never with regular FileMaker.  Happens whether I use Remote (on a server) or open a file on my workstation.

      Expected result

      The e-mail addresses that I specified in the script step should fill in, and auto attachments should be attached, and I should be able to move from an e-mail being active to FM being active without crashing.

      Actual result

      See above.

      Configuration information

      None that I know of.


      None, other than sticking with FileMaker regular rather than Advanced.

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          Jamie Rittenhouse:

          Thank you for your post.

          I don't have access to GroupWise email client, but I have tried it with Outlook, and it works correctly from both FileMaker Pro 11.0v2 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v2.  Therefore, I'll need some additional information.

          Are you sending one email message?  Are you specifying just one email address in the "To" field?  Have you tried this with any other email client (like Outlook)?  Have you tried sending via SMTP rather than e-mail client?  Does it work correctly without an attachment?  If you fill in the BCC field, does that also get blanked out or truncated?  What other applications are currently running?

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            And does this all happen with one specific file or do you get the same behavior if you create a small test file from scratch and try this from the test file?