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    FM 11 Print all records



      FM 11 Print all records

      Description of the issue

      I downloaded FM 11 yesterday. I've run my reports but can not print all records. It does not give me this option to select all records or current record when I print. Any suggestions? I have it on a Mac and on a PC and both are doing the same thing.... Thanks! Sandi

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          Thank you for your post.


          What printer are you using?


          On the Mac, when you select "Print" from the File menu, what options display?  For a Hewlett-Packard printer, the lower half should display "Number pages from" and below that, the Print options to print "Records being browsed", "Current record" and "Blank records...".


          Any additional information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible cause.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I'm on A mac Leopard. I have the following options:


            Printer: Brother HL-1440 Series

            Presets: Last Used Settings

            Copies: 1 Collated is checked



            Pages:   All

                          From: 1 to 1


            Pages per sheet: 1

            Layout Direction Horizontal

            Border None

            Two Sided off


            That's all I have. In FM 10 I had right below Pages where I could select from either:

            Current Record

            All Records



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              I am having the same problem. I no longer have the FileMaker pro menu item in the list when I go to print (that is where I would normally choose whether to print all records or records being browsed).


              I'm on a Mac 10.5.8 with a Konica Minolta printer. Switching printers doesn't help.


              Have repaired disk permissions twice, tossed old preference files and reinstalled FM11.



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                Thank you for the additional information.


                I have been informed that there were other users (not on the forum) that reported this issue, and our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue.  One workaround was to switch printers and then back again, but I see this did not work for "lbaratta".


                I will keep everyone informed when more information becomes available.



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  I can confirm the issue and add that I have 5 printers added, one of which being the Adobe PDF printer. Switching to that and back restored the missing options, but switching between the other printers did not. Weird.




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                    Thanks for the additional information.  I have attached your post to the original issue.



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Steve Wright

                      This is probably unrelated... its not an issue I seem to be having at least, not that I have noticed anyway, however I came across this today whilst checking for an update to a plugin for PrinterSwitch




                      So could it be possible that a plugin is causing the issue ??  Like I say.. a shot in the dark.

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                        I am glad to have finally found this thread. I had the same problem. This work-around has it fixed for me. Thank you :manvery-happy:

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                          On my iMac's running Mac OS 10.5.8 with any printer, the same problem seems to arise when I change Presets (saved printing settings) or if I select "Last Used Settings" in the Print Dialog screen. So if I change back to "Standard" settings Preset and switch to another printer driver such as "Adobe PDF" and then back to say my Kyocera Mita printer the "All Records Found" and "Current Record" selections reappear. If I then switch to a different Preset they go away again.


                          Just more information for troubleshooting whats going on with Filemaker 11 and printing on Macs. I don't have this problem on my Windows 7 computers.

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                            Our Testers want to verify that you are able to reproduce this on your Windows XP machine.  All other reported issues are Mac OS related.



                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              I tested it on Windows 7 Filemaker Pro 10 and 11; Windows XP Filemaker Pro 10 and 11.


                              Same problem occurs on both OS's.


                              I added folders and re-organized the layouts using Windows 7 Filemaker Pro 11. I also recovered and compacted the databases after upgrading from FM Server 10 to 11.


                              We are also running Filemaker Server 11 to host our databases.

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                                Thank you for the additional information.  I have forwarded your findings to Testing.



                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Anybody check to see if this is also a problem with Save as PDF?


                                  If not, that gives you a temporary work around while Filemaker, hopefully, works on a fix for this.

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                                    I have FMA 11 installed on Windows 7 and the pulldown for records being browsed is at the top of the print dialog.  On my mac it is no where to be found ?

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