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    FM 12 Conversion Failure: Imcompatible with v11 solution



      FM 12 Conversion Failure: Imcompatible with v11 solution


      FileMaker Pro


      12, updates up to date per March 2013

      Operating system version

      Windows 8 server, XP for Pro clients

      Description of the issue

      After conversion of legacy solution to version 12, I have encountered several critical bugs that are forcing decision to convert *back* to 11:

      Key issues:

      application stall and/or crash when creating new records.

      application stall and/or crash when printing layouts and records.

      Portal filtering not handling some calc functions.

      I've spent a week chasing down various issues on these and other forums, followed some red herrings on file recovery, and generally have turned up more unresolved, open issue reports here and elsewhere, leading to more additional unknowns than solutions, and forcing my hand to roll back to version 11 for the foreseeable future until I can be confident future updates resolve core issues and allow me to update current solution and  handle legacy pre-12 conversions without unmanageable issues.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I'd be happy to send my files to any FM tech who would like to test and QA.

      1) Attempt to create new record from native FM command, menu button or any scripted step. It seems core issue with the table, not isolated to any specific method.

      FM will hourglass and more often than not crash the application.

      2) Print command. Also not isolated to script step, can be reproduced from core command.

      Expected result

      Create new record.

      Print records.

      Actual result

      Application crash.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      I have not found any windows log of application events but will continue looking.


      None. Only logical workaround at this point is throwing in towel on 12 conversion and reverting back to 11. File in v11 has been stable. I did attempt a full recovery, data export and import, in v12, but the new, copied and cleaned file continued to fail on both accounts.

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               I can gather more detail on system details and solution. I do have all updates current in both FMS 12 and client software.  Server hosting seemed not to be a factor, as I was seeing same issues just opening file locally.  Issue occurred in both FMP and FMP Advanced.

               Also, issue is not consistent, although I'd say mostly persistent. At times, I was able to create a few records in a row, and it would crash on 5th or 6th attempt. More often, I don't get past first attempt.

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                 Additional detail:

                 I eliminated bad data as factor, I believe. After my file recovery, I created a clone copy and compacted. In the clone copy with zero records, I tried basic command to create new records and replicated the crash issue after 3rd or 4th record creation.