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    FM 12 preview mode issue



      FM 12 preview mode issue


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I was testing a solution that I've just converted to FM12, and I noticed that preview mode doesn't display the same in FM 11 and FM 12. Check the screenshots examples.

      When I print out the document from FM 12 (or save as pdf), it comes out as it should be and not as in the preview, which is a good thing, but I always thought that preview was rendered using the printer driver so how come it doesn't show what it will print?

      This is really annoying for me, because I always let the user on that preview window to allow them to print or save as pdf or even just close without printing and now all my documents appear all messed up even though they print properly.

      I've tried to play a little bit with the document, modify the margins, modify the text field width, the body width, but it doesn't change anything.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I used to create all those layouts in 150% mode in FM 10 and 11. Not really sure if this is relevant or not.

      Expected result

      Having the same result in browse mode, preview mode, printing, save as pdf

      Actual result

      Preview isn't the same as what's actually printed out or saved as pdf.

      Configuration information

      This issue only appears on windows (only tried windows 7).
      I tried on FM12 on mac (Lion)and the preview seems to be as it was on FM11


      After modifying to entire text in FM12 to make it fit, it seems ok in preview mode on windows 7 as well. ( But it's a pain having to modify all those layouts)