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FM 13.0v2 Updater Fails on Windows 2012

Question asked by Millennium on May 22, 2014
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FM 13.0v2 Updater Fails on Windows 2012


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2012

Description of the issue

We have a new Windows 2012 server and during the FMS13 install, we were unable to get Setup.exe to launch from the root FileMaker Server 13 folder.  Instead, we had to run Setup.exe from the Files folder.  (And yes, we did run it as Administrator.)

This allows us to successfully install FMS13.  We tested a few databases and then downloaded and unpacked the Updater.  However, when we attempt to run Setup.exe for the Updater, the loading dialogue box flashes onto the screen and disappears.  This is the same behavior as the Setup.exe for the full server installation.  Unfortunately, there is no alternative Setup.exe file to run in the Files folder for the Updater.  Attempts to run FileMakerServer13v2Update.msp produce an error instructing us to run Setup.exe.  We need this update installed.  Any suggestions?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Install Windows Server 2012
Install FMS13 using the Setup.exe in the Files folder
Shut down the FileMaker Server service
Attempt to install the Updater using Setup.exe
Watch the screen carefully because the dialogue box flashes really fast

Expected result

Updater should run

Actual result

It doesn't