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    FM 14: Hosts Dialog Box shouldn't auto-select a host



      FM 14: Hosts Dialog Box shouldn't auto-select a host


      FileMaker Pro



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      OS X 10.10.3

      Description of the issue

      We develop databases for dozens of different companies around the country. We have all of their FileMaker Servers listed in our Hosts dialog box under "Favorites".

      In previous versions of FileMaker Pro, whenever we opened up the Hosts dialog box (shift-command-O), FileMaker DID NOT PRE-SELECT any of the servers on its own... we had to MANUALLY select which server we wanted to connect to. THIS IS THE DESIRED BEHAVIOR!

      However, this behavior has changed for the worst in FileMaker 14.

      In FileMaker 14, whenever we open up the Hosts dialog box (shift-command-O), FileMaker 14 will AUTOMATICALLY SELECT THE LAST HOST THAT WE PREVIOUSLY CONNECTED TO. This is **NOT** desired behavior. It should default to NO HOST BEING PRE-SELECTED, just like it always did in all previous versions of FileMaker Pro.

      This is a problem for a variety of reasons, the least of which is that FileMaker Pro is making an assumption that we always want to reconnect to the previous server that we connected to (which is almost never the case).

      But the most important reason that this is a problem is that many of our FileMaker Servers have their "File Display Filter" set, which is an option in FileMaker Server's "Database > Security Server" tab that gives us the option to only list the databases that each user is authorized to access. What this option does is present the FileMaker Pro client with an ADDITIONAL AUTHENTICATION DIALOG BOX before the user is allowed to see the files listed on the server.

      So, whenever FileMaker Pro 14's Host Dialog Box AUTOMATICALLY SELECTS servers for us (which is the new & undesired behavior in FileMaker Pro 14), FileMaker Pro then gives us an extra authentication dialog box that we weren't expecting to see, and that we must deal with before we can move on with using the program.

      In other words, FileMaker Pro 14's new host auto-selection behavior requires us to go through the hassle of dismissing an extra authentication dialog box that pops up on our screen. We must dismiss this extra dialog box before we can manually select the REAL host that we want to connect to.

      Please fix so that this behavior goes back to how it used to be in previous versions of FileMaker Pro: no auto-selecting of hosts in the hosts dialog box.

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          Benjamin Fehr

          just a possibly workaround:

          How about saving a "Snapshot Link" for every customers server?

          You could build a folder with those href snippets on your desktop, even rename them with the companies names.

          Even App Maker should work on Mac, AFAIK

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            Thanks, that's a good idea as a workaround.

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              Thank you for your post.

              Please enter this as a suggestion into our Feature Requests web page at:


              The entries into this web page populate a database file that is hosted by Product Management and Development.  All entries are discussed and considered for possible implementation in a future release.  Although I could easily copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are a couple of questions asked on the form that only you can answer.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I second this request heartily!  I work for a variety of clients and I never want FileMaker to select a host for me.  And, yes, one of my hosts requests a password before I can see the files hosted, and that comes up and I have to cancel it before selecting another host.  Then, some of my hosts can only be accessed if I put VPN on first.  So FileMaker is jumping the gun by selecting a host to which I cannot connect until VPN is enabled (either Cisco App or built in Mac OS).
                Of course, the worst problem of all is the overall design of this entire system of selecting hosts, where one stray click can "unfavorite" a host, and when you re-open FileMaker later on, that host is erased from your system.  It's even erased from the hosts box in FileMaker 13 and 12 (where I went to try to find a back up host from which to glean the IP address) since they all share the same host list, apparently  Since when does any software on the planet delete anything without the user requesting it first, and without a notice to confirm with the user that they really want to delete it??  I've stopped using 14 and am back on 13 for the time being while I rebuild my host list from scratch!  (yes, all 9 clients - I had to contact to get their access information).  Does anyone know if 14.0v2 has fixed this?  I say, rewrite the whole thing, put back the "+" and "-" buttons for adding or deleting a host, add warning dialogs, etc.  This 'minimalist' design rage these days is terrible.  I can't wait until it's over and we get some buttons and color and manual control back to replace these flat, gray, empty interfaces.  Yech!

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                  There are a number of issues here:


                  1) This "favorites vs deletion" issue has NOT been fixed in 14v2.  It is unfortunately not considered by FMI to be a bug.  I think it is more an issue of really bad design that FMI can't see because they deal with just one or two servers all day.

                  2) The lack of sort on this Hosts list: also really bad design and a pain in the rear.  (And while I'm on it, the lack of alphabetical sorting on the "My Solutions" tab is also an unnecessary pain that makes that hard to use as well.)


                  3) Scott's original complaint about the last host being automatically selected again: another really unfortunate design decision.


                  4) The fact that un-favorited hosts don't disappear right away: not sure if it is a bug or confusing design.


                  5) The long, long, long delay when selecting a host where it uses SSL and is set on the server to only display authenticated databases: a bug that affects about 20% of the servers I touch each day.

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                    You have compiled a pretty thorough list of the issues.  Thanks for doing that.


                    I agree that this is really bad design.  I sincerely hope they address the overall design to make it easier and more reliable to use. 

                    I am thinking that the word 'Favorite' (which would indicate most often used) should be dropped and replaced with the word "Saved," because that's what it really means in this case.