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    FM 8.5 freezes after importing from another FM file



      FM 8.5 freezes after importing from another FM file

      Description of the issue

      I am trying to create a new, more elaborate database using one of the layouts provided.  All the test runs work perfect, and the contacts and tasks link just fine but once I imported all of my data from the old database the links were no longer working and after a couple minutes the whole database froze.  Moreover, it not only froze that database but now prompts all of my other FileMaker files to freeze as well. Please help, as i have over 5,000 clients info stored in FM and would prefer to access them without having to constantly restart FileMaker.  Thank you !!! AG 

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          Thank you for your post.  I apologize for the delay in response, but I was gone from mid-December until yesterday.


          Without seeing your file, it is difficult to determine what was the cause, and since so much time has passed, I'm hoping this has resolved itself.  If not, then here are a few things to try.


          For the moment, go to "Manage -> Database" and click on the Relationships tab.  For now, remove any link(s) from the current table to any other table(s).  Click OK and return to the current table.


          Now, try and import the 5,000 contacts.  See if this locks up.  If so, then there may be something in the contacts that FileMaker doesn't like.  If the import works, then I'd reset the links and see if there are any problems.


          Please keep me updated!



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