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FM Bug: Swiss date separator is wrong

Question asked by disabled_mrw-old-account-do-not-use on Nov 28, 2012
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FM Bug: Swiss date separator is wrong


FileMaker Pro


FM11 and fmp12

Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.7.5

Description of the issue

On a Macintosh Computer with Swiss settings FileMaker interprets the date delimiter incorrectly, using a slash instead of a dot.

This means:

Any FileMaker database opened on such a mac with "Use Formats from System" will always incorrectly show a "/" in dates instead of dots.
Any FileMaker database created/cloned on such a mac stores the incorrect "/" delimiter in the files format-settings.
If this file is opened on a windows system and the option "Use Formats from File" is selected, the incorrect delimiter is even regurgitated on the windows system.
Swiss mac users cannot create a FileMaker database which shows dates correctly, without having to initially create every file on a windows computer!
In order to convert a functioning database for swiss mac users it is essential to convert the database using a windows computer with swiss regional settings.

Windows works fine.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Get a mac
2. In the system settings set langauge to German (Deutsch) and region to Switzerland (Schweiz)
3. If you want to be sure that the settings are 'properly' set, then restart your computer (but not really necessary)
4. Create an FM-DB with a date field set to auto-enter creation date.
5. Create a layout with the date field on it.
6. Create a record.
7. Look and believe.

Expected result

Something like 28.11.2012

Actual result

Something like 28/11/2012

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"*!?***@!!!-S***!" - expletive from the developer ;-)

Configuration information

This bug was originally posted & discussed on the technet forum:


No practical workarounds.

Windows works ok, however, so you could: Create all of your FM Files on a swiss windows system and set the option in each file to use formats from file.