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    FM Go 12 - Insert Picture not enabled (grayed out)


      FM Go 12 - Insert Picture not enabled (grayed out)


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      iOS - iPhone 4 (not 4S!)

      Description of the issue

      Inserting a picture into container-field disabled (greyed out).
      • Appears with files converted from FMA 11
      • Appears with iPhone connected to FM-Host
      • Appears with files on iPhone as well

      seems to be related to the 'container-root' which was set automatically with conversion from FM 11.

      I have kind of data-separations set:
      - Main-File [MBzz.fmp12] contains programming and layouts
      - USRD.fmp12 File contains the users data (also the pictures?!)

      Container-Root ist set to (sorry, German version):
      MBzz.fmp12 => [Datenspeicherort]/Files/MBzz/
      USRD.fmp12 => [Datenspeicherort]/Files/USRD/

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      The problem is not reproducible with new databases created with FM 12

      Actual result

      Insert of media-content into container-field not possible with converted FM11 files

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear





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