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    FM Go 12 and Iphone3g - No Go



      FM Go 12 and Iphone3g - No Go


      FileMaker Go


      FM Go 12

      Operating system version

      IOS 4.2.1

      Description of the issue

      I have an Iphone 3g and was tryting to download the free version of FM go 12. A message says I need to upgrade to IOS 4.3. When I try to update the phone IOS it says 4.2.1 is the latest software. I've tried searching the internet and the knowledge base for references to compatibility issues regarding older iphones - nothing. What gives?

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          Richard Greenwood:

          Thank you for your post.

          FileMaker Go 12 requires iOS 4.3 or later.  The latest version of iOS that can be used on an iPHone 3g is 4.2.1.  Therefore, you will not be able to use FileMaker Go 12 on your iPhone 3g.

          Here are some references:



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            Thanks...I figured as much but could not find it expressly stated.

            So, since my last development effort was with FM6 or 7, I have a lot of catching up to do regarding the features of the mobile product. I'm watching every webinar, signing up for devcon and a local (Boston) intro event. I am charged with revamping our old system and getting it working on FM GO. Can you answer a few basic questions about device compatibility? 

            I assume Version 11 still runs on Iphone 3g and perhaps early ipads?

            Does the same limit of IOS exist on versions of the ipad as you have now affirmed there is on iphone? If so which devices are compatible with 11 and which work with 12?

            Therefore are we going to see more frequent program version/ device compatibility issues (or alternatively a more accelerated upgrade process) for all future FM GO development (and applications built on Filemaker and FM Go) in order to keep pace with the device market?

            Is there a simple method for maintaining backward compatibility with older devices? or are we just going to have to push everything forward every 1-3 years?

            My humble commentary on the anticipated answers to the above: If so, it makes it harder to sell the development ROI...tossing iphones and ipads in the trash...or having to maintain development paths on multiple versions. Works for apple I guess...but increases the pound(s) of flesh IT already takes out of the bottom line. Mobility at a net zero gain?...productivity? I'm not really sure. Certainly many small businesses and vertical market segments (presumably the FM audience) will really struggle with this...until the mobile device evolutionary process begins to plateau. 

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              Richard Greenwood:

              FileMaker Go 11 will run on iPhone 3g (and all iPads).  You need iOS 4.2.1 as a minimum (which is the maximum for iPhone 3g).  The device is not the issue; it is the version of iOS.  iOS is a farily new operating system, and changes are happening more quickly than operating systems that are established, so your assumption about "mobile device evolutionary process begins to plateau" probably holds true.

              For more information about the system requirements for FileMaker Go 11 (renamed recently from FileMaker Go 1.2) can be found in Knowledge Base Article #9333 at:


              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Thank you again for your response. As you look at the length of this post I'm sure you are saying, "Oh god..please just go away." But I am still in need of direction with respect to which FMproduct is right for us...right now. So if you don't mind, please consider the following...and advise as best you can or direct me to a better resource. Some of what I'm asking is not going to be overtly answered anywhere but by asking the right question to the right person.

                I think we are saying similar things but coming from a different angle. I realize that iOS is the determining factor for the running of Filemaker 11 or 12...(but the "why" I could not speak to). Yet, since, as you say, iOS 4.2.1 is the maximum available on the iphone 3g(why, again, I don't know) the device IS being left behind.

                I just purchased FMpro 12 and, as I have previously stated, I am charged with updating and "mobilizing" an application built on FM6 or 7. What has been great about FM is that my company has been using the application I developed successfully without having to upgrade hardware or software since 2005...and the FM3 version before that from 1996. Great ROI. I LOVE FILEMAKER! We could have gone the route of acquiring one of the many industry specific systems available to manage our data. I choose FM because of the obvious benefit and ability to customize the software to the business rather than the business to the software. Had we gone the other direction we certainly would have had maintenance fees, and upgrade fees galore. I want to continue to use Filemaker as our primary data management tool...but I don't want to lose that ROI, or the upward compatibility, while going mobile. I don't want to see our company forced to throw away perfectly serviceable hardware or upgrade software every couple of years because we (I) chose a development track that has an expensive, disposable strategy.  

                We are a PC shop not mac so I will speak in terms of Microsoft rather than Apple but the same applies. We have Dell Hardware and are still using Microsoft Server 2003 and Windows XP clients...preferring stability to the "latest and greatest." Frankly, I see the real enhancements in Windows versions since those programs as miniscule, mostly window dressing, graphic redesign, and a "look what we can do for ourselves to generate revenue and chew up available hardware resources, take advantage of internet commerce, open a bigger window into the personal lives of our customers and and try to control the universe."

                Operating systems (and application software) are always pushing the boundaries of hardware. Most of us have a "bone yard" of old pc's and other electronic devices that will no longer manage the overhead of the OS alone. My complaint, and admittedly it is personal, is that I (the consumer) am still only using 20% of the features built into any software or hardware and bearing the cost for all of it. When it comes to hardware, if I buy a problematic laptop from Best Buy(Bad out of the box) I can barely afford to take the time to return it or, worse, pay someone to fix it. I'm out $600 dollars but by the time it's fixed I'm out a $1,000...and it's never truly fixed. I just avoid that manufacturer and go buy another one for $600. When it comes to software, I think about word processing from its inception to now, and the number of gismos, gadgets, features and functions....overhead, that go largely unused. Microsoft Word 1.1 (if that was what it was called) would still meet 99% of users needs.

                Beyond the philosophical question of when the cost of the virtual world will cause the real world to collapse (I'm joking but I'm not), I'm hoping Filemaker has not changed its philosophy and will still deliver easily deployable, easily maintained development tools that operate outside the rapacious appetites of the two companies whose OS you depend on.

                I am on an exploration right now, reaquainting myself with your products after some substantial time away from what Filemaker has been up to. On the surface the promise of FMgo looks amazing. But issues like hardware upward compatibility problems, go in the "con" column.  

                If this "dead branch" evolutionary process with FM12 and the iphone 3g is truly caused by bonified hardware advancements or something major about iOS 4.2.1 and 4.3 that prevents FM12 from having been designed to work on 4.2.1 (and therefore the iphone 3g ...then it is easier to swallow. If it is simply planned obsolescence then "Curse you Henry Ford," I say.   

                I know this sounds like a blog rather than a forum post, but I'm still looking for an answer to the questions...questions about the future...and a direction for the present.

                Should I have downgraded to FM11 advanced instead of FM12?

                Will FM11 and FMGO11 (or whatever it has been renamed to) work on ALL devices, all ipads, all iphones regardless of version of iOS for the forseeable future? What am I giving up by not moving to FM12?

                In the iphone world, is the iphone3g a single dead branch that has to be worked around or, more importantly, is the same thing going to happen when Apple releases the "iphone5? and then the iphone6?"  Because if so, the less adaptable industry specific options start to look more appealing...maintenance fees vs. maintenance fees, in house development cost, and hardware and software obsolescence increasing at a staggering rate.

                I know this much about my 3g, it failed catastrophically within the first 3 months I owned it, not from abuse, but from likely a mfg defect. When I returned it for a new one, I was issued a refurbished phone. I was a bit disgusted that I had just paid for a new piece of technology and was being handed a "used" phone. Never mind the cost of my time and effort to make the return...or the possible swine flu contamination from the former owner (I jest, but you get the idea)...that was the first sign I witnessed of a real shift in Apple's philosophy about hardware...at least mobile hardware. Hardware is disposable and although you pay for it as if you owned it, from Apple's perspective your purchase is a "lease" and any repaired phone is as good as the one you had regardless of when or why it fails...from a warranty perspective your $200 purchase does not entitle you to a "New" phone if your "new" phone fails. However, if they can determine it was your fault, via the water sensor or the g sensor....well responsibility is still born fully by the consumer. Perhaps this has changed...perhaps it was Apple's way of mitigating a catastrophic manufacturing defect discovered after the iphone already shipped...either way it is a foreboding change for the future...as the technology giants we are becoming dependent on, figure out how to get consumers to reach deep into their pockets more, and more, and more often...for what?

                I have not yet investigated all that's new about FM12 so don't yet know if I need it. But I know that I had to use FM11 trial to convert our old solution and then convert again to 12 and that 12 will not recognize 11 files. So maintaining two solutions, a version 11 for iphone 3g users and a version 12 for others seems impossible because they can't read each other's files. I suppose a strategy could be explored that utilized an independent file structure like SQL which I assume both versions will be able to read...but at that point you've added additional development to maintain SQL, you lose a lot of advantages of native filemaker files, and there are other SQL development tools that might be just as or more effective, that may function iOS independent...begging the question, "Why Filemaker at all?"


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                  Richard Greenwood:

                  Thanks for the additional information.

                  The file structure remained the same for FileMaker Pro 7 through FileMaker Pro 11.  The file structure was changed for FileMaker Pro 12 in order to accommodate future evolution.  As a result, FileMaker Go 12 needed a minimum of iOS 4.3  to continue with this evolution.

                  If you want to continue using iPhone3g's, then you should downgrade to FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Go 11.  When converting files to FileMaker Pro 12, the original file remains intact as a new file is created.  Therefore, you should still have the original files.

                  FileMaker Go 11 will work on all current iOS devices.  However, it is difficult to determine as other devices are released with newer versions of iOS if it will work.  You speculate about iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.  This information won't be known until they are released.

                  I'd rather not publicly discuss the philosophical topics of your comments.  However, I don't mind discussing this further, but we should do this privately rather than boring others on the forum.

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