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FM Go 12 Save As PDF Gets Gray Screen

Question asked by jcooper on Jul 2, 2012


FM Go 12 Save As PDF Gets Gray Screen


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

ios 5 iPad

Description of the issue

When issuing a Save Records as PDF, either by this command or Print, the PDF did not generate.  Choosing View would display the gray thatch-work/ios/lion screen, the Done and action controls did appear and work.  Shutting down and retarting FMG (the app not the device) resolved the issue.

Happened once after several days of testing. Have not been able to reproduce. Will follow up if I do.

Apologies if already reported searched for PDF and Gray (and blank) screen and didn't find it.

Configuration information

iPad 2. FMG 12


CLose the file then stop and relaunch the app.