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FM Go does not display summary data on summary view.

Question asked by KarlBrowning on May 23, 2011
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FM Go does not display summary data on summary view.


FileMaker Go


FM GO 1.2.1.  Desktop FM Pro Advanced V9.0v3

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.7

Description of the issue

Summary report created on Mac desktop works as it should.  Same report when viewed on an iPhone has all of the correct breaks (sub-summary headings) and a place for the totaled fields.  But the fields are empty.  Beyond the lack of data, the format of the layout looks as it should on the iPhone.  Other data entry layouts display properly.

I've tried this both using it as local data on the iPhone and using it as peer-to-peer.  Same result.

I would appreciate even thoughts of where to look or what I might try to troubleshoot.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I am happy to share the database if someone wishes to examine it.

Expected result

Seems that the FM Go and Desktop should display the same.