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    FM Go failed to save new data.



      FM Go failed to save new data.


      FileMaker Go


      Go_iPad 12.0.6

      Operating system version

      iOS 6.0.1

      Description of the issue

      I spent all day entering data at work. When I got home to sync the iPad with my iMac, the database version on the iPad was yesterday's - nothing of today's data was saved, even though it was present onscreen on the iPad.

      Rebooting the iPad only served to delete the data I'd entered.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1. Spend a day entering data in FM Go 12 into a database from FM 12 on an iMac.

      2. Connect the iPad to the computer.

      3. Look at the iPad database in the app tab of iTunes. It hasn't updated.

      Expected result

      I thought I'd have today's data and could sync the database to the iMac as I'd done before.

      Actual result

      FM Go apparently failed to write any of the changes to my iPad - they were simply present in RAM.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      OS 10.8.2iMac



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               Jeff Whitmill:

               Thank you for the post. 


               Which file were you viewing, the file local to the iPad or the file copied into iTunes?


               A file can be worked on via FileMaker Network Sharing or a file can be worked on locally when copied from iTunes to the device. From the "Important Notes" section of the application description in iTunes:


               "Sync is not natively supported but can be implemented with custom development. However, database files can be copied or emailed between the device and the desktop."


               For additional information consult the FileMaker Go 12 Development Guide. Page 7 of the guide states to keep the following in mind:


               "When you transfer a file to your device, you are creating a copy of the remote file. Data changes made on your device are not synchronized to the remote file, and vice versa. You can set up the file to import and update data from the local file to the hosted file using FileMaker Pro; see “Importing to and from a transferred file.”"



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