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FM GO LocationValues function does not update when requested

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2013
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FM GO LocationValues function does not update when requested


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

GO on iPhone 3GS v 6.0.1, iPad 2 v 6.0.1

Description of the issue

Creating a DB to track endangered species along the coast.

Need to get lat-lon and other details for each nest

Using GetValues function and when called, the function amy not get the values.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Link button to script:
Script step:

set field LocField to (LocationValues,10,10)
set field latitude to getvalue(LocField,1)
set field Longitude to getvalue(LocField,2)
set field Altitude to getvalue(LocField,3)

Move a random distance (30-50feet)
wait 5 seconds

Using outdoors near cell towers with good GPS Signal (from GPS Status App).

Expected result

Each iteration should show some distance travelled and more importantly, will show a new location.

Further testing with looped script:
Put the above steps in a loop and drive at 30MPH.

The values returned are:

Actual result

Sometimes it updates, sometimes it doesn't.  While there may be some minor change iin LatLon, many times there is no change at all in any of the 5 parameters passed back with the function.

Of 100 iterations, fully 50% show no new location even at 30MPH.

Developed Speedometer script which shows speeds 0, 0, ,200mph, 23mph, 0 mph, etc.

FWIW, GPS Status app does show real speed and changes in location as we move.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

One clue is that sometimes the return value is instanteanous, others it takes a few seconds (as would be expected)

Configuration information

To improve accuracy.  I also tried the ELF external GPS and it fails completely as FM GO will not keep it alive.  It does use WAAS GPS information and is therotically more accurate than the builtin GPS.


Changed the variables (accuracy, timeout, etc.) from one extreme to another with no change.

If you'd like a look at my GPS test file, let me know & I'll send it to your iPhone or other email address.