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FM Go won't open a file whose file name has more than 1 period

Question asked by deadboltsecurity on Jun 9, 2015
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FM Go won't open a file whose file name has more than 1 period


FileMaker Go


v13 and v14

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to find out why a shared database in FileMaker Pro v14 Advanced -OR- shared off my FileMaker Server v14 could NOT be opened with the latest version of FM Go. Most of my other databases had no problem but these two other database would not open and gave a "file could not be opened (file not found") even though it was obviously showing up in the list.

In my case the file name was "ChangeControl_v2.3.fmp12". FileMaker Pro opened it without a problem. FM Go... no way.

After trying a 100 things I eventually discovered that if you have more than one period in your file name... FM Go will NOT be able to open the file.

In delineating my minor rev levels I now name it something like "ChangeControl_V2^3.fmp12" and the files open without problem. I haven't tested "the problem" with a web browser but it may well be the same problem.


Steps to reproduce the problem

Open a test database in FileMaker Pro v12, v13 or v14 or on FileMaker server that you've named something like MyDatabaseV2.3.FMP12 and you'll find the latest FM Go will NOT be able to open it.
It will report "file not found". Rename the database to get rid of the first '.' and it will open just fine.

Expected result

File should open properly

Actual result

Error message in FM Go "Could not open database (File not found)"... or something similar to that.


rename file