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FM Password retrieval on a single computer

Question asked by phoebe on Dec 3, 2012
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FM Password retrieval on a single computer


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At some point I encountered problems entering databases I created and used only on my computer.  I could never figure out what the password had been set to, as my computer admin. password didn't work.  I've basically stopped using FM because of this problem. I am retired and no longer use FM as I did before as my personal database I kept on my home computer to track projects, etc.
Recently I started a new database and thought I set it up so it would not require a password to re-enter.  Just to be careful, I did what I wanted with the database and never closed FM or the file for several months.  Then I had to do some updates and had to close the file and FM.  Alas, I'm back to needing to figure out how  FM sets up a password on any file without asking me.
This is a very simple problem.  I still have FM Pro 8, 9, and 11 on my computer.