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FM Pro 10 on Citrix Presentation clogging up CPU usage

Question asked by BrentHedden1 on Feb 5, 2009
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FM Pro 10 on Citrix Presentation clogging up CPU usage

Description of the issue

We've been running FileMaker Pro 9 on a Citrix Presentation server with no problems.  When we recently upgraded to FM Pro 10 on said server, the CPU usage will constantly spike 90-95% after two users log in.  When we put FM9 back on it, the CPU usage is normal (about 25% with 8 users). Thinking that it might have something to do with the version of Citrix that's installed, we took a new machine and installed Citrix v4.5.  Each instance of FM10 is taking aproximately 25% of the CPU:smileymad:.  The clients are using Citrix Client v9.1, which is what is suggested  by the guide that FileMaker made available.   Unless there is some new configuration that we need to set on the Citrix software, I'm going to presume that the problem is with the FileMaker software.  Anyone else experiencing this kind of problem and/or offer any kind of suggestions??