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fm pro 13 me crash

Question asked by PerrySzwec on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2015 by AbdulrahmanIsmail


fm pro 13 me crash


FileMaker Pro


v13.5 ME

Operating system version

win7 32bit  ultimate

Description of the issue

fm 13.5 me crash on 2 different cases.
1-when closing it . close starter solution,one window.
  after the app close (not the fm itself)-crash massage!!
  happens on new installed win7 32b.
  happens on 3 different computers.

2-while typing simple txt (in layout mode).
  happens on 3 different computers.

Steps to reproduce the problem

for suddenly crash issue #1 :its not consistent and happens on differents apps (even from starter solution)

issue #2-while typing simple txt in layout-while pressing "enter"
when the second line is longer then the first-the txt frame do not expand !!-crash!! see enclosed jpg