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FM Pro8.5 Crashes When Save/Sending a PDF

Question asked by DoubleG on Jan 30, 2009
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FM Pro8.5 Crashes When Save/Sending a PDF

Description of the issue

I searched, but didn't quite find a similar issue... I'm using the File/Save-Send Records as...PDF... and checking the box to 'Create email with file as attachment'. The feature runs perfectly the first time it is ran, but bombs out every time on the second attempt with the following 2 MS error windows in succession:1. Error signatureAppName: filemaker pro.exeAppVer: dli_dll.dll 2.Error signatureAppName: filemaker pro.exeAppVer: xdraw.dll I can save PDFs without a problem, it's only when using the send feature in conjuntion with saving that it crashes. What I know and have tried so far:The mail info is in the win.ini file.I have tried deleting the AcroFnt09.lst.I have ran a repair on FM, but not an uninstall/reinstall...yet. Unfortunately, I'm unable to test this on another pc, as the others are running FM Pro 7. I'm new to supporting FM, so all input provided will be greatly appreciated! Troubled pc info:FM Pro 8.5v2 on Server 7WinXP Pro sp3Outlook 2k3 sp3 on MSExchange 2k3AVG Free ed.