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    FM Server 10 Adv Admin console and wpe problems since upgrade



      FM Server 10 Adv Admin console and wpe problems since upgrade

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      We've had problems since upgrading to FM Server 10 Adv running on Windows Server 2003.  It seemed to be associated with the scheduled backup, so turned that off and have been doing backups manually. The problems got better but didn't go away. The issues I've seen are: -  external authentication fails, and testing Directory Service settings in the admin console fails -  Admin console sometimes doesn't show the databases even though FMP client users can get to them okay -  if databases do show, I can't open or close them through Admin console -  the web publishing engine starts sending errors and warnings -  the response time from the web server becomes really slow After the server itself is rebooted, everything works fine for 12-24 hrs, and then these problems pop up, even if no one is trying to access any databases.  We are running FM Server Adv and have installed the 10.0v1a External Authentication Update. Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks - Amy 

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          Thank you for your post.


          If different than the problems listed, what problems have you seen with scheduled backups?


          Does external authentication always fail, or only a certain amount of time?


          When the Admin Console doesn't show the databases, is it all databases or just some of them? 


          What errors and/or warnings are being sent by the Web Publishing Engine?


          Can you elaborate a bit more on the "Web Server becomes really slow"?


          Any additional information may be helpful in narrowing down some possible causes.



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            Thanks very much for your reply.  I just spoke with the member of our IT staff who is responsible for managing the servers, and he will reboot tonight, and we will record details of the problems/warnings as they occur so we can post a more detailed report.


            In addition, here is more info about some of your questions:


            Problem with scheduled backup - a backup will sometimes run and never complete, so when I check the console the next morning it is still running. When this happens, we can't close databases using the console.


            Ext Authentication - once it fails, it is down until we reboot.


            When the Admin console fails to show databases, it is usually all of them that fail to show.


            Errors from the wpe usually come in sets of 4 or 5 sent over a 2 hr period once daily.  The error message says:  Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: POTENTIAL PROBLEM.

            When the web server becomes slow, it takes a long time to process php requests and html pages take a long time to load in the browser
            Thanks again for your help - I'll try to post more details in the next couple of days - Amy