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FM server 11 adv  Can't close database(s)

Question asked by KendallBond on Aug 12, 2010
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FM server 11 adv  Can't close database(s)


FileMaker Server


11 Advanced

Operating system version


Description of the issue

Admin console takes forever to open.  Then once it is open I try to close my database and it seems to be thinking for awhile.  Then nothing.  It comes back to the same screen but doesn't close the databases.  Worked fine a weeek or so ago.  Admin console would open fast and close the databases fast as well.
I think from google research that it couls be a Java issue but I need to close the database to before removing and reinstalling java, and I don't know what version of Java I should use because I can't find it in any documentation.

Configuration information

Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
Filemaker Server Version: