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FM Server Advanced CWP XML anomalies

Question asked by disabled_Ed-Case on Mar 12, 2013


FM Server Advanced CWP XML anomalies


FileMaker Server



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Mac OS 10.6.8

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I posted a note regarding this to the FM Tech network and to the FM Server forum hoping it might be picked up someone at Filemaker. However, in spite of a number of viewings I have received no responses. I therefore decided to try here... I apologise for the lengthy explanation, but I find from previous experience that it tends to save any responder (I should be so lucky) either making assumptions or asking further questions. Having said that, I am happy to expand further...

I created my CWP templates in my previous versions of FMSA: 8 and then 9 (never tried 10 or 11). They worked fine until I upgraded to FMSA 12, where the following anomalies were encountered.

The results for the following examples are taken from the FMSA 12 Admin Console log viewer

Date field search:

US Date format: - XML 500 500 "/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=MyDatabase&-lay=Main&-sortfield.1=SessionID&-sortorder.1=descend&-lop=and&session status.op=bw&session status=open&session date.op=bw&session date=03/08/2013&-max=50&-skip=0&-find"

Result = 0 (should be 5)

UK Date format: - XML 500 500 "/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=MyDatabase&-lay=Main&-sortfield.1=SessionID&-sortorder.1=descend&-lop=and&session status.op=bw&session status=open&session date.op=bw&session date=08/03/2013&-max=50&-skip=0&-find"

Result = 0 (correct as UK date formats do not work with any version of FMSA I have used)

Number field search:


Result = 10 (1924, 19240, 19241, 19242, 19243, 19244, 19246, 19247, 19248, 19249) - there is no 19245 record. Should be a single record returned.

Both the Date and Number search issues are resolved by adding an 'eq' operator

Next... and this example is a change of functionality that I find very difficult to resolve:

Text search omitting records using op=neq


Result = 6 (RestrictCountry ignored - result should be 0 with restriction to UK)

Restrict Country field for all these records looks like this: "UK, USA, Fra"

- - - -

Each of the above queries returned correct results in FMSA 9. Most vexing is that the neq functionality (appears) to have chnaged from excluding a result where the field CONTAINED the term or terms, to excluding only where the field exactly matched the term or terms.

Is this behaviour in FMSA 12 known to Filemaker, a purposeful change or an error. Are Filemaker planning on changing this behaviour (at least the neq, please) soon in an update? These kinds of changes between versions - especially after a change as big as from 11 to 12, requiring as it did a host of file conversions - are extremely frustrating to business users such as myself, whose business relies on smooth transitioning from one version to another.

Thank you for reading,

Colin S

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Date and Number fields work when an 'eq' is added before the relevant field

NEQ... By encapsulating the list of countries into a repeating field (one repetition for each country) I can search using neq and it will omit any record containing that country if it has an entry in the repeating field.
Whilst this is okay in this instance, I am concerned about the lost functionality of 'neq' and would much prefer not to have to create some humungous repeating field