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FM Server Advanced installer crash

Question asked by createnow on Jan 13, 2009
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FM Server Advanced installer crash

Description of the issue

I am attempting to install FM Server 10 Advanced on Mac G4 (Quicksilver, 2001). Starting from fresh reboot... every time the (VISE) installer gets to the point of displaying the installation window, the installer crashes. All traces of previous FM Server products (including hidden daemons) were removed. Here is the configuration of the machine planned for dedicated server host for review of compatibility. Hardware: PowerMac G4 (CPU: PowerPC 7450 v2.1), 733 MHz, 768 MB RAM, 45 GB free disk space System: Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) with all security updates installed, Java SE2 version 5 Update 7, no known conflicting 'kext', not running FileMaker client, all Apps closed. Question: Is this machine compatible for installing FM Server 10 Advanced? I hate to install more RAM to achieve max 1.5 GB (older memory is expensive). The purpose of the FM server host is for progressive testing of solutions under development. I am able to launch FM Server 9 Advanced installer on this computer without problems. BTW, the same FM Server 10 Advanced installer launches and runs fine on 24" iMac (Leopard).