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FM server update 14.0v2 BREAKS web server.

Question asked by bobyuen on Jun 29, 2015
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FM server update 14.0v2 BREAKS web server.


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Windows 2012

Description of the issue

I have a working installation of FM Server

When I apply the update version 14.0v2, it breaks the web server connection.

Two Machine Setup.

Prior to installing the update, I stopped all services as per instructions. I install on the worker machine first, then the master machine.

After both machines have restarted, I log back into the DB server and notice that the Web Server and Web Publishing Engine is "Greyed" out, NO green check mark.

I later find that the update has disconnected the web server configuration connection.

When I try to run the deployment assistant (Step 3) I manually type in the IP address of my web server and click lookup then rescan but nothing happens. I get a little red symbol next to the IP and master machine code.

Nothing happens and I'm stuck. What do I do to fix the problem.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I created a snapshot to roll back prior to applying the update. I retried installing again but the same issue.