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    FM starter solution Contacts Database



      FM starter solution Contacts Database


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      I was making some aesthetic and functional edits on my Mac to the iPad layout of the Contacts Database (attached is a screenshot of the layout).     The iPad view was set up to default to a list of all the contacts.  The user could tap anywhere on a specific contact and it would open a new screen with all that contact's  detail.  Somehow, through my edits, I inadvertently lost that capability to tap and open the contact detail.  Any thoughts on how I enable this capability again?


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          Open a new original copy and compare layout design details. It sounds like you've lost a (possibly invisible) button from the layout during the changes that you've made.

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            Hi PhilModjunk.  Thank you for your response.  I have spent time looking at the original copy of the starter solution to compare to what I "designed".  Unfortunately, I cannot locate the issue of why I cannot tap or swipe on the contact list view to go to the contact detail screen.     I also have issue with the "office phone" field that I added to the view.  As evident from the screenshot, I used Field Picker and dragged this field to the display.  I don't think that was the correct process as the others that are encased in  <<   >>  and my added field is not.  Don't know how to do it.  

            It is probably evident that I am not a programmer, coder, or anywhere close to having IT skills and I need a fast fix for this so I can get back to my normal job.  




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              The starter solutions can be very difficult for new developers to "reverse engineer". I even have trouble from time to time inspite of decades spent developing in FileMaker. You may be better off starting from a blank page and only adding those design elements that you fully understand.

              On both copies of this layout, enter layout mode, pull down the view menu and select "buttons" from the Show sub menu. There'll now be a small light blue "badge" on every object set up as a button. This will let you see where there are buttons on the layout, even if the actual layout object is invisible. That may enable you to spot the difference.

              Fields enclosed in << >> are merge fields added by selecting that option from the Insert Menu. But adding the field from the field picker should also work, but such a field is now an editable field unless you specifically block browse mode access to that field. (I personally do not use merge fields on a layout unless they are truly MERGE fields--fields that need to be merged into a single block of layout text with no strange spacing between the data from the field and the other text in the same text object--such as you might produce with a "form letter" that inserts a name from the database into a large paragraph of other text.)