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FM throws a 1506 error but sends the Email Anyway

Question asked by RandyFowler on Dec 1, 2011
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FM throws a 1506 error but sends the Email Anyway


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2008R2 Standard Server and Windows 7 on Clients

Description of the issue

Seems it is a known issue that when an SMTP email script uses a field from another db to complete the addressee, it can throw a 1506 error, but still send the email successfully.  After changing from hard coded to a field for an addressee, I began receiving duplicate emails.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Discovered the duplicate was my second resend email after I capture any errors above 1500.  The second email always seems to come after an error 1506 (but the original email was sent successfully).  I have found this in several discussion as a known problem with FM.  When will it be fixed?

Expected result

Only one email, either the original or the second one after an error capture > 1500.

Actual result

Two emails on an error 1506.