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FM10 "upon opening" script not running when file is not opened directly

Question asked by CS8 on Jan 24, 2009
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FM10 "upon opening" script not running when file is not opened directly

Description of the issue

Hello, My database consists of 8 files + 1 file serving as a general menu. Within the general menu are several buttons that call scripts written inside the related files. I call these scripts directly from the general menu, through the "Perfom script" / "from external file" action.With this method I noticed that in FileMaker 10 the "upon opening" scripts defined in each of one of the target files are not run anymore when not opened directly (I tested with FileMaker 9 and they do run even though they don't show in debug mode). The opening scripts basically write to a table of global fields which includes the username and date of access to the file. This table is used in several relationships across the database and if not correctly populated causes the malfunctioning of the whole application. The only way of making it work with version 10 is to use the "open file" action and then "Perform script / from external file".This behaviour was reproduced under Mac OS X 10.5.6. I haven't tested it under windows.Can someone confirm and tell me if this change was intentional? I am afraid of having to deal with this across the entire application as it is already in production with several clients and they all intend to move to 10 soon.Kind regardsCS8