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FM10 - Self Join Value Lists not working

Question asked by kgbtv on Feb 3, 2009
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FM10 - Self Join Value Lists not working

Description of the issue

FM Advanced 10.0v1, XPSp2Attempting to have one field entry filter a value list for a second field entry.-Table is SHOWS-Choose NETWORK from NETWORKVALUE value list pulldown in Field 1-SHOWVALUE Value list in Field 2 should then only show related records in pulldown -Followed direction in HELP to create self-join. NETWORK=NETWORK fields.-Relationship graph shows two tables SHOWS and SHOWS2 with NETWORK field joined.-Setup two value lists, NETWORKVALUE showing NETWORK values from the SHOWS table-Second value list, SHOWVALUE showing SHOWS values from SHOWS2 table, related records only First value list for NETWORK is fine.  Displays proper values.Second value list shows nothing at all.  Blank. Have tried reversing the value lists, etc.  Self join value list relationship just does not seem to be functioning.